Today In the World of Sims Stories 4.27.11

April 27, 2011 at 3:43 pm (Uncategorized)

After the Photo

Supermodel Lacey Thibodeaux spends a chaste night with Jake, the photographer.

A Crazy Berry ISBI

Watermelon Sorbet’s insane family copes with the loss of her father, Grape.  They barely get a chance to know Herman, the son from the future, before he moves out to explore Sugar Valley.

My Life Caught On A Silver Camera

Will and Alex are concerned about their parents.  They are right to be worried as Jesse and Tom can’t seem to communicate without fighting.



  1. bordelinski said,

    😉 Thanks, seaweedy!

  2. Valpre said,

    It’s Val

    We’ve started a new writers’s community/forum,so please do join us. We are still very small, and some threads are not up and running yet, but it would be nice to have you around.

    here’s the link

    try not to mention this at DD? It’s still very quiet.

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